Clear instructions on how to implement CRM event notifications

I’m trying to understand how to get notified when a CRM event or task needs to take place, for example, following up on a Lead. The current documentation is stale which is a shame and doesn’t reflect the state of the latest version (v15).

A CRM without follow up notifications is just a no go for most of our clients, can someone please clearly indicate how a CRM notification feature is supposed to work?

Hi @martinzen,

Yes, the documentation is old and it’s not relevant to version 15. In Version 15, in lead, when you create a new lead, and if you want to link with Event then lead provides the ‘New Event’ feature and you can set it up. once you create a new Event, it’s linked with Lead. If an Email Account is created then will “Send an email reminder in the morning” according to the assigned person.

Thank You!

@NCP I got this working now so thank you. The functionality is still a bit confusing but it does work.