Column Size in Item Table

hello everyone
is there are any option or you have any idea how can we set more than 11 column in items table (Purchase Order Item )

please suggest me


try to lessen the column item code in your doctype.

that i know but i want more than 11 column

Use customise form and add in whatever fields you want

there are some restriction column width should not be greater than 11 .

@nikhil1 by design you can not add more in view list…

yes sir i know that one. that’s why i am asking if any one have any idea how can we resolve this issue
thanks for your reply

The restriction cones directly from the bootstrap framework.

If you need more flexibility, consider creating your form as a page. There, you can do anything. When inside the framework, you profit from the ease of use but there are restrictions :wink:

Dear @nikhil1 I do not advise you to change in core of system, this will conflict any updates.
Use Report builder to view any number of fields do you need.:sunglasses:

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@lasalesi sir means by page list …please can you explain

Custom pages… Refer to How to create custom page? - #4 by jhe01

Hope this helps

thanks to all for your reply

Moment ago, I created the below issue in GitHub - frappe/datatable: The Missing Javascript Datatable for the Web
this same concept can be applied to the table field in form, thus to let user define multi version of his/her own column layout, then he/she can switch to different layout for different purpose.

if enough community member interested in this new feature, we can consider to push implement .

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how to create new custom page for new Purchase Order

@lasalesi how can i open(run) that custom page

You can check the function for example of

You can simply call the page…