[Community Development] Barcode camera scanner and integration

Hello @Dbone. We roughly estimate 2 months for a full and smooth development. Probably more.

However we haven’t really got in depth. We need to break it down in small parts. Also, the Foundation should coordinate the resources involved.

Hi @JayRam

This is the way we use the barcode scanner.

When we receive material with Serial Numbers, we select the ‘Serial No’ field in the the Purchase Receipt (see picture below) and use the barcode scanner to log them in this field.

In our particular case, we produce several items with different barcodes at least twice weekly. Our problem lies in generating the necessary EAN-13 labels for our products.
I was learning nodejs for this particular purpose, but ended up programming a simple script in python instead.

This is our label generation process:
In the PPT we create our Sales Orders, then we load them, then we load the items from the sales order and finally we Download Materials Required

It will download a file called: ProductionPlanningTool.csv

I then open terminal and run the script in the directory where the file is located. the script checks to see how many barcodes are in the item_code field, then if it finds barcodes it continues adding the description and cleaning it up a bit, then it counts how many of these are required. When done parsing, it creates the labels using the data, and saves them to a pdf. Before the program closes it deletes the ProductionPlanningTool.csv so that the directory is clean in case you detect an error and download another file from ERPNext’s PPT. When done, it opens the pdf file in the defalut viewer (review for MAC OS X in my case) and I simply click print, load the printer defaults, and send it to the printer. It takes less than 5 minutes from opening the Production Planning Tool in ERPNext until I am sending the print command.

For any given product we have a correctly validated BOM, where one of the subitems is coded: LABEL-02-1234567890123

This is the item the script searches for, using a predetermined string in the script (pending adding a config file so that all the variables are set outside of the program)

Planned additions:

  1. Select the barcode type you wish to generate
  2. Select the label size you wish to generate

Ideally: Have it incorporated into the CORE of ERPNext, so that you can generate these PDF’s serverside, and make them appear in ERPNext.
I.e. Instead of clicking Download Materials Required you have an entire “generate barcodes” section where you set the key aspects, and generate a PDF file with only the required labels.

First version of pdf multiple barcode label generator



Have been following this thread for sometime. Our requirements are very similar to that of @JayRam.

While if I understand that we can use barcode scanner and pass the values the biggest prob is that in manufacturing with large goods its difficult to get it scanned at the system.

So we use Scanpet a free barcode scanner app, which helps us upload / download our stock entries and delivery notes to Google drive. From there we massage the data and bulk import the data at EOD.

This gives us the flexibility to scan using the mobile directly at the goods location.

Best option though would be to have a scan option built in the ERPNext app for all possible locations whereinnwe would need to scan.

Would be happy to follow this lead and take part in it if prioritized by the foundation.



I completely agree and would like to see this feature implemented soon. Given a lot of staff use mobile devices and these devices have an inbuilt bar code scanner, it makes it so much easier for staff at warehouses (this is how amazon warehouse operate) or staff that move away from their PC to use a mobile device to scan the bar coded product. Looking forward to hearing from others.

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