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We desire that the statistical formula need to be looked into.There are some formulae that work well in microsoft excel to determine variable but fail to work in payroll of erpnext

Could you please list the Functions ?


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@ahmad18189 See the dicuss How to Map Requirement in Formula in Salary Structure - #9 by Chude_Osiegbu.
if we use a formula like this PAYE =IF(CI<=0=1%G,IF(CI<=300000=CI7%,IF(CI<=600000= 21000+11%(CI-300000),IF(CI<=1100000=54000+15%(CI-600000),IF(CI<=1600000=129000+19%(CI-1100000),IF(CI<=3200000=224000+21%(CI-1600000),IF(CI>3200000=560000+24%*(CI-3200000)))))))) which work well in excel but refuse to work in the salary structure because of syntax (,) let kindly make salary structure to accept any formula excel accepts

Let’s hope the following can be addressed - specifically leave accrual per payslip in any particular value (or precision point) instead of the 0.5 increment there presently is.

Hope to see these great work soon!

However, in my opinion, the HR module of ERPNext is quite good right now, I deployed ERPNext for several companies. The problem mostly with Sales & CRM Module (like promotion, enhanced POS, more “friendly CRM for
salesman”…) and Finance module because every companies need these modules. The higher requirement for HR is only available for some special companies or ad-hoc case.

Hi everyone, great comments and insight.
Firstly, i had mentioned this via email to Rusbah a while ago about the HR structure in ERPnxt, i spoke to Arundhati and later Umair Sayeed on improvement on HR module.

The HR module just needs basic universally accepted processes in structured organisations. Several organisation possess several additions to those generic processes which can be customised for them.

I suggest the following should be added and some finetuned

  • No staff query process: It should be added
  • Promotion Process: Should be added
  • Employee Tools collection under recruitment: Items collected by an employee when hired and returns when exiting should be added
  • Performance Evaluation and Rewards. This should be finetuned. I suggest the to-do list task should be used for task performance while expected evaluation based on the reason for employment should have set indices as set by the organisation to measure after his probation period to know if he was able to get to the expectation.

At least am glad that the points i have been raising all this while has been seen and action to get it reviewed is now in place.

Hello Team, hope you doing well
i am so glad to see focus on HR, ERPnext is great ERP but need some development in HR to reach 100% Clients satisfaction

To make HR great you to think like HR user and think about his pain area
the purpos of any HR software is:
1- Employee Info
2- Payroll Process (including all salary elements like salary structure, attendance, loan, other deduction
3- Self Services (includingconnection with payroll for Loan as an Example)

Point No 1 is great in ERPnext and we will not discuss it deeply
Point No 2 is key discussion for US
my goal behind this words is Generat Salary Slip by one Click (dont think it is impossible)
let us go in deep details
Salary Structure provide fixed earning and deduction amount for salary slip, but still there another earning and deduction amount should be calculated autmatically in order of one click payroll and it is like following:
1- Attendance, attendance effects on payroll by deducting absent days and hours and even minutes in Some Company but each Company has their own policies
i suggest in ERPnext to make attendance by time and we have to add Entry Time and Exit Time fields instead of current options (Present, Absent Half Day) time should be 24 hours method for Example 5:30 PM = 17:30
required Field in Setup relating to attendance
1- Working Day Start at (this field must be timing to be considered in hours calculation)
2- Working Day End at (this field must be timing to be considered in hours calculation)
3- Check Box with Name Ignore Hours before starting day time (if Employee attended before time system will not consider this hours)
4- Maximum No of Over time hours (if Employee left at 22 PM and working day end up at 17 PM system will consider 5 Hours as overtime hours, but if we set Maximum Time we will solve this issue
5- Maximum Minutes Delay in the Morning, will be considered 1 or 2 hours deduction ( let assume we set 15 and it would be considered 1 hours) in this case any Employee Attend at 8:16 AM system will COnsider him absent 1 hour
6- Maximum Delay Hours to be Considered Day (for Example 3 Hours) in this Case any Employee Attend after 11 AM system will Consider him 8 Hours Deduction (if we assumed working hours per day 8 per day)
7- Working Hours Per Day & Working days per-month, the purpos of this Numbers is Calculating Amount per day and per hour (let assume monthly working day is 30 and hours per day 8 and Employee Salary is 3000 $
His salary per Day = 3000/30 = 100 $
His Salary Perhour = 100/8 = 12.5 $
8- Loan Compnenet Account (if Selected will be will Applied for all Employee in Deduction Side)
9- Absent Compnent Account (if Selected will be will Applied for all Employee in Deduction Side)
10- Sales Comission Component Type (if Selected will be will Applied for all Employee in Deduction Side)

Other Earning type
1- Sales Comission, in this feature we need way to make the Software check Due Sales COmission Amount for Employee and fetch it Autmatically for Salary Slip, Also this need some changes in Sales Comission

I wish you guys to share with me your suggestion and let me know if your have any notes either negative and positive



This is very good detailing by @Flexsofts on the improvements desperately required in the HR Attendance feature

The following 2 points need to be included:

  1. Attendance scores are also sometimes linked to earnings rather than deductions. Some organisations have an earning component that’s tied to the employee’s attendance score. The system should be flexible enough to link attendance scores to either an earning component or a deduction component

  2. There should be a way to tag an employee’s attendance and these tags should be available in the attendance report. In some organisations, it’s not enough to say an employee is ‘Present’… his/her location may need to be included e.g. ‘Site’, ‘Office’, ‘HQ’, ‘Out-Station’ etc. In the same way, an employee being absent may have tags like ‘Sick’, ‘On Leave’ etc. Tags could also automatically set a pre-defined number of work hours for an employee. For example, selecting an ‘Out-Station’ or ‘Site’ tag may automatically mark an employee as being present for the whole day (i.e. from ‘Working Day Start’ till ‘Working Day End’)



Appraisals in ERPNext need some work

  1. Every Appraisal Form I’ve ever seen has multiple sections! We need ability to add multiple sections in Appraisals
  2. Include ability to specify numerical targets (where applicable) and score should be based on target achieved by employee
  3. Link Timesheets to Appraisals in order to create an optional automated appraisal feature which is more accurate and self-motivating for employees

Proposed changes have been detailed in Github issues below:


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Hello Everyone,

A lot of energy in this post. Points that can be covererd IMHO:

  1. Multi-company setup: Track an Employee across group of companies. E.g. Recruited in one company, Transferred to different one later on… in such cases the employee’s history must be traceable across companies.

  2. Employee Department Transfers: No easy way to see how many departments a person has been through.

  3. Salary increments: There must be some easy way to see what increments & benefits were given to an employee in previous appraisal to plan for next increments.

  4. Salary Structure - 3rd Party Deductibles: It would be good if we can show Employer’s contribution to 3rd Party Funds (like, TDS, Govt Welfare Funds, PF, etc) separately in Salary Slips. Currently we have to specify that as a deductible, which is technically incorrect. E.g. in India PF is deducted from Employee’s Pay and is matched by an equal contribution by Employer towards Employee’s PF fund. In this case, Employer’s contribution is NOT an actual deduction and must be specified separately in Pay Slip.

  5. Out of Band Payment of Benefits: A facility for Adhoc payment to Employees over and above their Salary. This is done to reward employees - Bonus, Incentives, Ex-Gratia, etc. Can add schedule for such Payments (Annual, Quarterly, Adhoc).

  6. Employee Loans:
    a. Can allow flexibility / adjustments to repayment schedule (happens often with low wage workers)
    b. Current loan repayment doesn’t seem to work perfectly. If don’t run Payroll on exact date of Repayment, the deduction doesn’t come into Salary Slip

  7. Short Term Loans aka Advances: Advance given to employee for very short term. Is always deducted from Salary. Can allow specification of which Month to deduct from (default to next month)

  8. Payroll Areas: Payroll areas can allow better management of Payroll process. Each area can have a clerk and an Admin. Clerk Generates Draft Salary Slip and Admin Approves pay. Admin defines salary structure for new recruits, manages, increments, etc



ok, I made a pull request to Employee Grade :slight_smile:

the basic scenario is written down … if anyone have something to add it will be great .


The irony of open source is you ask for help and get a long list of wants :sweat_smile:. FYI we are pushing a lot
of these changes in version 11.


any ETA for V11 :thinking::thinking::wink:

I was just about asking the exact same question using the exact same words! :grinning:

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The team is hard at work. You can track progress of v11 here:

A Leave Schedule feature needs to be added as well. HR personnel usually require a way to ensure that leaves of certain employees do not overlap (especially when they are in the same unit or department)

There needs to be a way to set rules concerning leaves overlapping and the roles that can approve in such scenarios

Maybe the leave schedule can also be displayed in a visual format (Calendar)


With respect to the current Leave system, the biggest problem that I have with it is how the allocation vs application system works. The current system doesn’t allow you to submit leave applications for a previous period after allocation has occurred for a future leave period.

The way this translates for us is that we can only allocate new vacation days for our employees at the start of each year, so that any vacation time they are allocated from the previous year can be taken up as needed. This means that until the start of the year, they can’t request any leave for that year - which is a major problem when they want to take the first week of the year off.

I also think expanding the performance review section will be very valuable. We ended up adding our own (optional) weekly peer-to-peer performance evaluations that were send to each employees manager so that we could get quick feedback if an employee’s performance wasn’t satisfactory. Finding ways to make the performance evaluation section more functional/flexible would be great.