Companies contact besides customer/supplier


How are you dealing with other general contacts?
For example: A bank, not a bank account that I can have several on the same bank.
I want to add on contacts, same people of that bank. I add the contacts, but I don’t have any document to link (not a costumer nor a supplier).

The alternative I see is create a DocType to Bank, but then I have the “Architect Companies” they are not my customers nor supplier, but very important for my business, and if they are important to my business i must to have it in my erp. And so on … I know I can copy Doctype, but I don’t think this is very resource effective and will be more difficult to create reports etc.

Does anyone have some trick/Ideia for this?

Hi @almeidapaulopt,

That’s interesting to have because the contacts could become Suppliers at some point.

The concept is to have a Partner DocType of which Customer and Supplier are Partner Types other partner types could be Leads etc and the contacts/contact persons would be linked to these Partner Types.

Leaving office now but will share ideas on any workarounds…later

For what I figured, on Frappe the “Contact” is for People, there’s is no Company/Institution figure and that’s why the contacts are linked to other doctype (Customer/Supplier).

The Partner Doctype concept (is what odoo/almost ERP use).

But actually in Frappe/ERPNext to implement that model and not force the user to repeat a same information in several Doctypes, is not “only” create a new DocType.

If Frappe had Doctype inheritance it would be easy, but actually I don’t see an easy way to implement the Partner Doctype concept in Frappe (except hard-coding all of our created doctypes to update the fields in Partner Doctype, out of question IMHO).

Merging Supplier + Customer into a Party is not every easy at this point (though most of the code is common). Maybe there will be enough motivation to make that happen someday :wink:

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I agree, it should not be easy, but exactly because there’s lot’s of common code and is a (mainly) CRM limitation, these merge should be in our (all erpnext users) radar.

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Any news on this?
General company contacts is very important to us and is a standard function in any crm I know…