Company None not found

After login i m encounter with this pop_up msg.
can u guys help me to sort out this issue…

Welcome @perkapz

Did you set up ERPNext correctly?

ERPNext Setup - YouTube

Did you set up company?

Hope this helps

Thanks for ur reply,
yeah but i did manual installation.
my pages are up. while login i m facing this kind of error…

I’m facing a similar issue when trying to save a customer after defining a none-standard receivables account:

If I don’t define the account, the customer information is saved but if I try to define the company and receivables account, I get the Company None not found error.

hi @flexy2ky,
Have you set company in global defaults…?

@arokia I have a single site multi-company instance. I had to disable global defaults per this issue:

Re-enabling default company might solve this problem but will bring back the previous issue.