Configuring Email Alerts


I have had a look at the email alerts and i get
more or less how it works, however what i am finding challenging is the
formatting inside the email.

i’ll be setting an email to remind the customer
that their invoice #0045 is due on 20/02/2015 for ABC Pty Ltd for an amount of $20.

i would like the email to look as follows:


Hi ABC Pty Ltd

This is a friendly reminder that
Your invoice #0045 is due on the 20/02/2015
with an amount of $20.

Please make arrangements to settle this.

Kind regards


How do i achieve this in terms of the email template?
If you can also let me know about which selections to make on the settings for over due dates, that would be greatly appreciated. :smiley:


Check attached image for the help in how variables should be defined in the Message, in Email Alert.

For field names, you should check Customize Form, and mention those field name as variables in the message.

Hi Umar

thank you so much that’s very helpful!!

I’ve now realized i have a new obstacle:
in terms of the settings, not the message.

  1. How do i configure so that this invoice reminder goes of 3 days before the due date,
    and 3 days after the due date.
    Below is a screenshot, have i configured it correctly?

2 Quotation:
How do i set an automatic email to be sent 3 days after a quote is sent?
below is what i have currently configured for 3 days after.

3 I have a Project setup with 4 tasks underneath.
How do i configure an email to go to a client after each task is complete?

Once again thanks for your help guys, its greatly appreciated.

@rmehta @anand
Can someone help me with the above, it would be greatly appreciated

I have only one option ‘owner’ in Email by Document Field how do I enable fields in this Email By Document Field


you can add your fields in email alert or add email id in cc.

Please see Set email alert for any new comment in tasks/projects

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