Connection Problem

Hello every one

I have Connection Problem with erpnext as attached its intermittent

any one has Solution

thanks in advance

Maybe Fail2Ban banned your ip. Try from another location (different ip address), or check Fail2Ban logs. By default, ban time is 10 minutes. You can add “whitelist” ip addresses to solve this.

when we try other location its work
so how I add “whitelist” ip addresses to solve this.

Edit jail.conf file . It is located (usually) at /etc/fail2ban/

Locate the line wich contains “ignoreip” You can manage ip range too …

Add your ip address/es like this: ignoreip = xx.xx.xx.xx/mm (where xx is the ip and mm the mask). ie: ignoreip =

There is a lot of documentation about Fail2Ban config.
Restart Fail2Ban service.

Hope it helps.

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