Connection refused. Can not Connect to the network through Oracle virtual box. Error

Can not connect to network. Localhost refused to connect. I can not even get backup file from the system using filezilla. Filezilla says Connection refused.

I tried with port 22 as well as port 3022. This problem came after upgrade from 7 to 8
I desparately need my backup file. So that I can restore after fresh installation of Oracle box.


You need to use the IP number of the Virtual Box and not Localhost to access the server.

In the Terminal type ifconfig and it will give you the IP number which should either be 192.168.X.X or 10.0.0.X

OK I will try

But before migrating I used to use localhost to access the server and it worked fine then. How?

How are you running the VirtualBox and are you accessing the server from within the VirtualBox itself or external to the VirtualBox.

This might help you understand how the VirtualBox works

Hope it helps