Connector for woocommerce and ERPNext?

I am planning to set up ERP system for my business. I am already using wordpress for the website and woocommerce for e-shop. However, I read that the connector is not yet available for combining these two platforms. I wish to know if others are operating under the same circumstance, what solution did they find?


Welcome to forum. Please refer to the following discussion for more help on this.

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@rjridhi12 I would say of he the guy did develop it he didnt share it. You could start a bounty as alot of people use wordpress and woo commerce

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Thanks Umair for the feedback.

I am putting as RiBOX on site only, but selling as ERPNext. So there is no way I am rebranding ERPNext. Some clients ask for ecommerce or CRM only, we provide that as well. And we do have lots of integrated features with ERPNext, like woocommerce or Magento with ERPNext, We are basically working as system integrators.

My code is opensource only. Once purchased, you are free to distribute or change it accordingly.
We are working on some advanced features like sync product bundles, selective products can be sync’d, multiple sites can sync with single ERPnext instance based on company etc. Once we are ready with these features, we will make our plugin public on github & woocommerce market place.
If you have any suggestions please let us know.

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Just FYI.

RiBOX stands for (Retail In a BOX) solution.

Once we are ready with these features, we will make our plugin public on github & woocommerce market place.
If you have any suggestions please let us know.

Great. Please send a pull request or share a Github Repo for the connector, so that community can review and provide feedback.

RiBOX stands for (Retail In a BOX) solution.

With due respect, it is misleading. Perhaps you can position it as ERPNext served by Jamalinfo. The brand ERPNext will help you in more and faster conversion faster than RiBox

ok sure. will do it. want to be part of this community and contribute as much as i can.

Thanks & Regards,
Hakimuddin Jamali


Another thing to take into account is the the connector has nothing on installed on the ERPNext end of things and is only access the system over an API. It is however installed into wordpress that has the same rules to follow per the GPL

@techyidiots I would be interested to learn more about how you have integrated magento

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Thanks William.

Magento plugin we are still testing with a client. Once we get everything working for him we will then launch it. Will keep you updated.

Hi @techyidiots! Any news for the woocommerce conector? Github repo? I’m interested in working with the code. I have experience with APIs and ERPNEXT.


@techyidiots did you have a change to make it so you could select which items to sync?

Its still in progress. I tried to sync only those items marked as shown in website to be sync’d with woocommerce but the clients were not happy as those items appeared in ERPnext frontend. Will update you soon.

Hi Fedrico,
currently the plugin is available on the site. The code is opensource and you can make the required changes.

Thanks @techyidiots, i have a question, what features does it have? Handles product category? There’s only the version on your site so I’m asking you.

1.  it will sync products both ways
2. orders from woocommerce to erpnext (If COD- it will create sales order and if paid, it will create sales invoice) 

3.customers from woocommerce to erpnext only if the customer has placed an order in woocommerce site.

Currently categories is not handled. As woocommerce and erpnext categories may differ. But that can be easily done.

I know for one of our clients he is going to starting about 5 sites in the next year and is looking to have ERPNext as the central backend. So being able to select items to be synced will be our biggest priority.

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I hope the updated plugin was helpful.

Please let us know if we can help you with anything else. You can meesage me on skye.

Make it open source, GPL’ed and part of the core. That would be very helpful.

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