Cookie bar possible?


I’m wondering if there is any cookie bar for erpnext website? Can’t find anything… :pensive:

Thanks for suggestions.

I’ve not seen one as standard.

However there are several good JS cookie libraries available. My approach to it would be to create a custom app, override the base web templates and load the cookie library as part of the new base template file. This would give you the notification you need.

You could also then customise the rest of the website to the amount you want / need.

Thank you @Kieran, will try it.

For anyone who want to accomplish it:

I tried this. Unfortunately there are a lot of templates, each loading different scripts. Scripts are sometimes not separated cleanly. For example, Google Analytics and frappes native website stats are loaded in the same script. The backend python code also sets cookies that cannot easily be controlled. Therefore, I don’t see a way to get a decent, functional cookie management via custom app right now. At least it will be hard to maintain an app like this, because it overwrites so many files.

However, Frappe’s cookies are for functionality only. As long as you don’t embed any third party content (YouTube, Google Maps, Twitter, Facebook, Advertising, etc.) you’ll most probably be fine without cookie management. For example, on our website we avoided third party content and just have a banner stating that we only use cookies that are technically necessary.