Creating Announcements

I would like to customize ERPNext to permit us in posting announcements that would be visible to all/specific employee(s) on their dashboard for a certain time.

For example, instead of emailing our employees with certain changes (let’s say a sudden day off due to weather conditions) we can publish an announcement that would be visible as they login to ERPNext.

Is that possible without code modifications (via doctypes)?


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Hi @Yamen_Zakhour,

Please go to Notes Doctype and Making a Note public will allow you to share it across Users in your ERPNext account. Once you enable making a Note Public, there will be another checkbox, saying 'Notify users with a popup when they log in. You can also select if you wish to give some specific users, the right to read, write or share your note.

Notification for Announcements:

More Information for check it, please.

Thank You!


Amazing!! Didn’t know this exists.
Thank you very much