Creating new module in frappe

I am making my own frappe project and new to it. Is there any way to create more modules like we have in erpnext accounts crm etc. how do we create it?

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Use Module Def

but it does not show up along with other modules or in the code

I cant find any proper help or documentation regarding frappe development


1- Turn on your Developer Mode.
2- Go to Module Def, Create Module.
3- Go to apps/your-app/your-app/config/ here you could find
add this code,

		"module_name": "Your Module Name",
		"color": "#8e44ad",
		"icon": "fa fa-puzzle-piece",
		"icon": "octicon octicon-rocket",
		"type": "module"

4- Then run bench migrate


Also can you tell me how do I show it on main left sidebar?

The above procedure will also make it visible on left sidebar after bench migrate.

Now its showing, thankyou

Its again not showing, frappe seems to be full of bugs, also does not gets updated with the code, like sometimes updates sometimes just does not.

Have you create any doctype under it? try to add atleast one doctype.

after i added module in i have syntax error when i want doing migrate

this is module code i added :

"module_name": "Real State",
"category": "Modules",
"label": ("Real State"),
"color": "#1abc9c",
"icon": "octicon octicon-tag",
"type": "module",
"description": "Dive into the basics for your organisation's needs." ,

and this a error :
File “…/apps/erpnext/erpnext/config/”, line 160
“module_name”:“Real State”,
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Add an underscore as _(“Real State”)

Your code is not valid.

You were required to supply valid JSON code. You have

"description": "Dive into the basics for your organisation's needs." ,

which contains an extra comma. Instead it should be

"description": "Dive into the basics for your organisation's needs." 
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do you can give me the steps , step by step cuz i confused how to start ?

All you need to do is scroll up the page. @shahid posted a solution.

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bench migrate is this command absolutely necessary for adding icon to desk?

What does this command do in general?

Standard practice is to run migrate after each update - where update ‘upgrades’ the code to the latest version, migrate transforms or ‘syncs’ the data from the old version to the new code version (by applying code and data patches.)

Posts like this help explain the update + migrate process (Resolved) Restore V12 from V10 backups


Any Idea about how to add breadcrumbs to a custom Doctype inside a custom module?

Use Build Module → Workspace → create a new workspace.

Then add doctype to that workspace it will show on left side like remaining modules.

Need more help ping me…!!!