Currency doesn't update its rate

I have a price list in CFA (XOF – west african franc), but it doesn’t automatically update the rate… is this a bug ? the rate is publicly available on all APIs I could find.

Turns out, CFA is a currency that’s indexed on the EUR (e.g. it’s always 656 CFA=1EUR), so I set the value for one day manually … however, when creating a new sale, ERPNext is not capable of looking at the previous manual rate, it just says “you haven’t saved a rate for that day” – is there a way we can set the rate once and never have to re-enter it ?

Please attach a screenshot, or supply the exact text, of that message

This notes auto update can/needs to be set Currency Exchange rate auto

This notes a bug back in v8 Which exchange rate will be taken?

here you can see a manual rate saved for 2018-01-01

as soon as I try to make a new Sales order:

OK – so EURXOF was set but not XOFEUR… it’s not difficult to get XOFEUR from EURXOF, you just need to do 1/EURXOF

Now when I try to create a new sales, I still need to select a delivery date and a currency (it’s EUR by default as is my balance sheet) – how do I set XOF as default currency and delivery date as today ?

Same issue also reported for AED to USD. @rohit_w could you please assign it for a review?