Custom script not appeared in code frappe

Once Custom script is created from erpnext application that is not appeared in code. Logged in as administrator and added scripts.

Hi @keerthi_kuttan:

Custom script (client or server script) is not added to code. Is stored in database.
Framework, at run time, reads this scripts and “inject” them on runtime execution.

So how to call a python script using client script.

method: ‘custom_app.custom_module.custom_script.my_python_function’,
args: {
arg1: arg1,
arg2: arg2
what is custom_app, custom_module, custom_script, my_python_function

Hi @keerthi_kuttan:

Create server script, type “API”

From client side call it directly with method name.{
method: ‘yourmethod,`

Check this thread:

Hope this helps.

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create an API to fetch values from database frappe

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