Custom workflow - modify submitted doc

I have created a custom workflow for handling helpdesk issues. The user will create and submit the issue and the helpdesk admin should resolve it. See attached pic for states and transitions:

However, I want the page to freeze once the state changes to ‘‘Open’’ as the user submits the issue. The page should be editable only by the helpdesk admin. But I get the following message if I change the docstatus of ''Open" as 1.

Can someone suggest a workaround?

You could have the Status set to “Open” as a draft, but only allow edit for role “Helpdesk admin”. This way it will still be editable, but only by that user.

Can you explain what this means!

I have set field level permissions to allow edit by particular role, which works fine. Am not sure how to freeze the entire page on submission by that user!

I appreciate if you can tell me what was the status of the document in the beginning
and when did you received the error, means from which state you want your document to move to which state?

Please see attached pic.

When I try to save this workflow state, I get the message "“Submitted Document cannot be converted back to draft. Transition row 2"”

So, am looking for a workaround to freeze the page as soon as it changes to “Open” state.

Either I am not able to understand your problem or either you are not able to understand what I asked.
Tell me the steps you followed from creation of a document with their document states and at which state you got an error?

Am not getting any error anywhere. The workflow is working fine through all the stauses.

All I want to do is freeze the page as soon as the user creates the issue( ie. when the status turns to ''Open"). This happens only when the docstatus is 1. If I set that midway of the workflow, it doesn’t allow it to transition to the next state,“Resolved”.

  1. Create a Role say “HelpDesk Admin”
  2. Assign that all the rights of the document (one you created) to “HelpDesk Admin” .
  3. In “Open” and other states of the document specify that specifc role you created like I have used in below screenshot.
  4. Assign that role to the user you want to allow to edit the document.

And you are done!


Thats exactly what I have done too.

I don’t want his own page to be editable by the "Helpdesk User’’ himself, once he submits the page,(ie it has moved from Draft to Open)

@kirthi maybe the permissions don’t get applied when the workflow document changes. Will need to dig into the code.

Fixed in [FIXED] Set forms to READ ONLY for Users that do not have the role specified under "Only Allow Edit For" when a Workflow is activated by javierwonghf · Pull Request #2477 · frappe/frappe · GitHub