Customizing Documentation

Hi All,

What are the options for customizing/updating documentation related to an already existing application?

As and example, let us say that I’ve added custom behaviour to ERPNext through addition of custom scripts and fields. How can I update/add documentation or description of this new functionality to the relevant area under the existing documentation? My thinking is that there should be a way to make available to users, information on customizations that have been made to the app.

So, the way we have custom scripts and custom fields, we would also have custom documentation.

Any pointers would be appreciated. If this is not available as standard, I would like to have a discussion on how to implement.


Hi @Chude_Osiegbu,

If you make a custom app and create the corresponding documentation with the document generator from Frappe (, the documentation will be automatically added to this link when you update your bench.

If you have only some custom scripts in ERPNext, you can either modify ERPNext’s documentation locally (not recommended for updates) or create a custom app dedicated for the documentation I guess.

Your proposal of custom documentation would anyway go a step further and would be a nice feature.

Good luck :wink:

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