Customizing ERPNext -- will bench update later override our changes?

Do you mean that Custom Apps cannot override built in features? In WordPress, it is possible for a Plugin to change the behaviors of Core WordPress feature without modifying the core files. This is done through Hooks and Filters.

So, is it possible to modify, say, a Sales Order functionality in ERPNext by hooking with a Custom App so that core files remain untouched? In other words, can a Custom App alter ERPNext Flow?

Hi @Alaa,

Yes, the framework does have Hooks that can modify behaviors of built-in document classes.

Otherwise, you can use Monkey/Guerilla Patching to override the core code.

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Hi @brian_pond
Good to know about the idiom Monkey Patching. Thank you!

is there a good and easy example/how to monkeypatch js and/or python in regard to ERPnext available?

You can follow this thread for monkeypatches

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