Dark Theme Option

client OS is Windows 10 running firefox and chrome
CtrlShiftG brings up the switch theme option.

Good! Thanx!

Just out of curiosity, if you don’t mind me pursuing this further … how do you bring up “search-in-page” in your browsers, using only the keyboard? I’m guessing it is Ctrl-F to search and F3 to repeat the search. Is that what happens?

By the way. I left my system reinstalling over night and now CtrlShiftG does bring up the Theme selector!

erpnext 13.0.1
frappe 13.0.2

I had been regularly upgrading ERPNext through V13beta minor revisions, but forgetting to also upgrade Frappe, so I was running with:

erpnext 13.0.1
frappe 13.0.0-beta.12
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the answer to your question is yes.

back to the original question of why toggle theme does not appear under user menu.
do you think it was the easy install file? When you had to reinstall did you repeat easy install process or try an alternative? if so which alternative?

I have a complete set of installer scripts I have been maintaining myself.

They’re very “opinionated” in that they take a VPS with a freshly installed Ubuntu Server and, unattended, finish with a fully working ERPNext installation with all services running: NGinx, Certificates, NodeJS, MariaDb and MySql Security, Fail2Ban, UFW, APIKeys generated, Wizard completed from backup, install project specific apps, and load company data. They’re messy.

Facing same issue of theme toggle not appearing in menu but otherwise working on a fresh install. Anyone found a solution to this?

Hi everyone, I have been having the same issue with the toggle theme option not appearing but the shortcut (Ctrl + Shift + G) works fine.

Couldn’t find a reason why the option isn’t on the menu, I’ve looked for it especially for the mobile version (even if it’s just for a few minutes of work).

Changing branch did it for me but I did try the git checkout option as well.

Either way it works for me on Ubuntu minimal on Gcloud.

Just to share.

How to enable the dark mode on mobile devices where using the shortcut (Ctrl + Shift + G) doesn’t work?

“User” doctype has field for setting theme

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Great. Works. Unfortunately, one has to manually reload the website, though?! Can this be triggered automatically if the field is changed?

Write a custom/client script?

Not really urgent. Was just first confused why changing the field didn’t result change the theme. Just thought should be in core.

You can use “Toggle Theme” option in the user drop down menu.

Do you mean here?

“Toggle Theme” is not available for me (V13).

CTRL+SHIFT+G to toggle theme

Switching the branch messed up the whole installation, introduced a series of errors.

Edit: Whole ERPNext installation got messed up beyond repair. Had to reinstall it.

Still can’t see the option on V13. Won’t risk changing the branch. After installing fresh ERPNext for 5-6 times, I’ve experienced some things only work in the first login, this theme toggle is one of them.

I can only switch to dark mode on the Desk. Is there an option to turn on dark mode on the website as well?

nopes; currently there is no dark mode option on web. However, you can use black background colors and make it into a dark theme.

thanks worked for me

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Application Logo in Navbar must be able to be defined for dark mode. Dark logos are not seen good in dark mode now.