Data Import Tool without role "System Manager"

You are welcome :wink:

Please check everything is ok on my ERP

Gladly, I was not aware I posted any advertising. Please be so kind as to indicate where I have please so as I can comprehend.



I can now pull the Sales Master manager by starting to type it, it was not in the dropdown list - odd.

When I go to save I am told I am not the Administrator so do not have permission. OK where do I set that as I am :grinning:

hmmm as I saw you have been login as “Steven Brown”. Try to login as “Administrator”

It was referred to the business card image in your posts … :grin:

Got it, its my normal email signature. I will delete if I post from my regular email.

Tried that although in 4 years never have done. Login says doesnt exist i.e.

hmmm but do you have some System Administrator or other support? I have user “Administrator/mypassword” you or your developer should also have the access to this User

No, never have had such

you don’t have any support? your user doesn’t have enough permissions to change Role in data-import-tool page and I cannot help you before you find “Administrator/adminpassword” user… sorry

OK thanks.