Database patch is not applied during install-app

I’m just new to Frappe/ERPNext. I am developing a custom app. I want to add a new business domain whenever my app is installed. I mean a business domain like Agriculture, Distribution, Education… not a domain name (btw, I find it’s very confusing by the term “Domain”. Every time I want to google it, all the results are about the web site domain name, the thing that comes after bench --site!)

To do that, I currently make a patch which inserts a row in the doctype Domain (DB table tabDomain) if it does not exist. The patch works correctly: when I run bench --site ... migrate a row is inserted into the table as I expect.

However, when my app is installed from scratch (bench --site ... install-app ...), the row that I expect was not inserted into table tabDomain. I then check the table tabPatch Log, my patch is there! It seems the bench command just marks my patch as executed but doesn’t really execute it. I delete the corresponding line in table tabPatch Log and return bench ... migrate, my row is inserted correctly.

I event made my patch syntax error but the bench ... install-app still went well without any error. And the tabPatch Log contains my erroneous patch!

What could I do wrong? What is the correct way to have patches executed upon install-app?

I am using source code of frappe and erpnext on branch version-13. Version of bench is 5.0.0-dev

Thanks for you help!

use fixtures in

export fixtures and use filters for data that you need to be installed with your app.

use filters Export Fixtures for doctype - #2 by Sayed_Hameed_Ebrahim

Thanks a lot @revant_one ! This is what I am looking for

What about dependent data like I want to export data items and items groups but it fails as It throw message that item group is not available. Is any present workaround to tackle this . Is there any way to define order in ? I am talking about data which are in general masters for ERP and not transactional .Thanks in advance !

Check if install hooks help Hooks