Debit and Credit not equal for this voucher

Hi Everyone,

While submit the Purchase Receipt entry i am getting the error “Debit and Credit not equal for this voucher. Difference is 69251.54.”. This error has occurring for only one purchase receipt

Can you share some details, screenshot, version?


My ERP Next version is v4.3.0.


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Hi all,

So many purchase receipts having the same error while submit. Please help.

You are still using version 4. It is really difficult to comment anything without seeing the data or code at that point.

Why don’t you consider to upgrade the system? There are so many new functionality and thousands of bug fixes in the latest version.

Hi all,
Actually I need to upgrade my erpnext from version 4 to 5. So I went inside of the frappe-bench folder and gave the command as bench update. Finally I got 502 Bad Gateway error in the brower while reloading the localhost and then in the virtual machine also got some errors. Here I have attached screenshots for reference. Please anyone help me to solve this problem as soon as possible.

Thank you.


I have a similar error (see pic), from a submitting a purchase receipt.
Am using a v6.27.21 frappe. 6.27.20.
can you please help with a solution.

I have a similar issue which seems to be related: