Default chart of account is set instead of country chart of account

Hello everyone,

When I install erpnext and i choose country France, the default chart of account is set instead of the French one, but when i create a new company i can set it with french chart of account.

So my question is: how can i have the french chart of account set automaticaly when i do a new installation of ERPNext?

ps: I’m using ERPNext v9.1.5

‘how can i have the french chart of account set automaticaly’

My guess is that country specific COA might require developer coding?

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Hi @Ilyes,

I have just retested and it is a bug affecting all countries.

Issue created on Github: Country chart of account not installed after the setup wizard · Issue #11304 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Nevertheless there is a missing parameter (tax group is missing) in the french CoA that blocks the creation of a french company. I’ll try to send a PR today.

In the meantime I guess the only solution is to create a new company manually after the setup wizard.

Have a nice day!

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that’s what i did, thanks for your reply!
Good day to you too!