Delete the entire account

Hi All,
I created a a free online account and now I need to delete it so I could start fresh from the setup wizard.

I’ve already done the “Delete All Related Transactions for a Company”, but I prefer to start fresh!

How do I delete the entire “account”

@richardxix just sign up for a fresh one (you will not get the same domain name though…)

I’ve been trying to look for a way to this, I guess it’s not possible…

Is there a way to re-run the set-up wizard?

No answer to this rather fundamental question?
I am having an issue that there is no “new” button on Production Order and am unable to start a production order. I am hoping that starting fresh would fix this but is there really no way to use the same domain? Why is this? It seems to be a rather common question/issue.

I had similar issues and found a solution by searching domain in the awesome bar and enabling manufacturing domain. There is a post in it.

Wow! This was excellent for several reasons.

  1. Knowing that the “domains” page exists…really helpful for newbies.
  2. Solved the problem , which I had chosen to start a whole new instance because of. I know that as I get deeper into the customization aspect I will find ways to add these things specifically but when starting and wanting to get momentum having it “all there” is really helpful.
  3. Reminding me why I chose ERPNext, which is the great community making all the other challenges worth it.
    Many thanks my friend.