Deleting Entire Chart of Accounts and Rebuilding

Is there a way in v 7.2.2 to delete and entire existing chart of accounts so I can rewrite them from scratch? I would set up a new instance with the new integration but need to use an existing server so I can keep my modifications.


how about creating new company. I will have a new chart of account

@cattmy you can refer the following link to delete all the company related transactions!

Hope this helps.

@ccfiel I am looking for a blank chart of accounts. Otherwise I have to delete every part of the tree.

@shachiTakalkar This unfortunately does not delete the chart of accounts.

I use this query to delete all accounts but the 5 roots (if you have access to console)

delete from tabAccount where account_name not in ('Application of Funds (Assets)','Source of Funds (Liabilities)','Equity','Income','Expenses');

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This feature is not available for now. On creation of the Company, it’s Chart of Account is pre-configured, based on the Company.

If you want to contribute new Chart of Account for your country, please check

To learn more: ERPNext - Chart of Accounts Builder - YouTube

Hi, I have SSH admin access. Where would I input this? Thanks!

From frappe-bench run ‘bench mysql’ to get to mysql console. You may need
to run ‘bench use site-name’ to ensure you are deleting from the right
site. But be aware that rebuilding the CoA from scratch is a tedious task

Worked great, thank you.