Difference between RQ-job and background_jobs

Do you know the difference between RQ-job and background_jobs ?
in In both, the worker is the same butt i dont see jobs in background_jobs
you know why?

Hi @Maciej_Miskiewicz,

Just for information purposes.


RQ-Jobs stands for Redis Queue Jobs, and it is a Python library used to manage background jobs. It is an efficient way of performing long-running or resource-intensive tasks asynchronously. The primary advantage of RQ-Jobs is that it can distribute workloads across multiple worker nodes, making it an excellent choice for high-volume or time-critical jobs.

Background Jobs:

ERPNext provides a built-in framework for handling background jobs. Background jobs are used to perform scheduled tasks that can run in the background without user intervention. They are lightweight, and their primary purpose is to automate recurring tasks such as backups, reports, and data exports.

In summary, RQ-Jobs are used for long-running or resource-intensive tasks that require distributed processing, while Background jobs are used for lightweight tasks that are scheduled to run in the background.

Hope you understand.

Thank You!

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Thank you, everything is understandable and explained a lot to me.

is there any addon to erpnext that would give me more insight into the rq-jobs queue?

Hi @Maciej_Miskiewicz,

I think, you check Profiling and Monitoring first.

Maybe it becomes helpful for you.

Thank You!

yes i saw it… thank you very much but it’s fragmentary information…
Do you know if I can view information about completed tasks? because from what I see on the list is the last 10 minutes … and where is the rest, is there an insight into it?

I haven’t any idea about it, Sorry.

Thank You!

ok thanks, you helped a lot