Different Rate between Purchase Receipt and Purchase Invoice

Let say we received 1qty at $100 but on purchase invoice we get discount become $95.

How to update stock valuation rate from $100 to $95 for that product item?



I wonder why after submission of purchase invoice, stock valuation is not updated?

-Stock Valuation Rate only update at the time of Stock entry,Purchase receipt,Delivery Note etc.

  • At the time of submitting Purchase Invoice Stock Valuation Rate can not be update.
  • At the time of Purchase receipt if you put discount then only that will be fetched on Invoice and Stock Valuation Rate will be updated.
  • if you not given Discount on Purchase Receipt and Directly given ‘Discount’ on Invoice then it will not accept.
  • If you want you can use "Allowance Percent " which is on “Item master” form or
    in Stock Setting .

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Allowance percent is only allow us to change rate in the invoice, but it doesn’t update stock valuation. So we will have ‘wrong valuation’ because of this issue.

I don’t understand why stock valuation is only updated in purchase receipt in purchase cycle. In business reality, invoice rate may differs from receipt rate due to discount, additional costs, rate correction etc…

You can use Landed Costs to change valuation after you receive delivery.

When supplier send invoice, it often has different rate from receipt (e.g. it has discount, rate correction). Also the supplier sometimes charges additional costs in the invoice. These can be done in the purchase invoice, but it doesn’t update stock valuation.

Creating separate landed cost voucher to just update stock valuation is like doing this manually—double input & force users to calculate valuation manually before entered in the landed cost voucher. Many users most probably will make mistakes on calculation or forget in doing this since it needs 2 separate actions in 2 separate documents.

Landed voucher is more for landed cost invoice (another document) like freight charges that come after supplier invoice…

I’ve seen Landed cost…and I think it cannot be used to change valuation per specific item at specific rate accurately.

Case example: rate correction per item, disc% per item on purchase invoice

I see Landed cost is only applicable for additional costs that’s coming after invoice like freight charges…and later we spread it by amount or qty

@jof2jc I thought valuation was updated via Purchase Invoice. Anyways, you can fix this or sponsor development.

Please anybody who’d like to share the cost for this fix? This is core issue which affecting costing calculation.

Invoice stage MUST also update stock valuation due to rate changes, discount or additional costs. That’s the proper way that all ERP systems must do.


It just happen to me.

Here is what I do :

  • Cancel the Purchase Receipt
  • Amend the Purchase Receipt
  • Update the Item Rate as in the Supplier Invoice I receive
  • Save & Submit the Purchase Receipt
  • Create & Submit the Purchase Invoice base on the Purchase Receipt

I hope ERPNext will consider to update the Purchase Invoice so that the valuation rate also update at Purchase Invoice (which will make it possible to enter different rate on Purchase Invoice).


I will look into this / sponsor if it’s a larger fix - one of our largest suppliers gives us a 2% discount if we pay early, for example.

@rmehta could this be as simple as adding an “Update valuation based on invoice” checkbox in buying settings and updating the validation code on purchase invoice submission? I can take a look at it if that’s the case.

i’ve been doing the same thing with @rudyhn … and it is not good to cancel and amend documents each time. thanks…

No need additional option setting. The proper way is purchase invoice must update stock valuation as far as it’s stock item…

We can consider also to add “Update Stock” option in purchase invoice (similar with sales invoice), so user can bypass purchase receipt if needed

Now in V7.x…Purchase Invoice has ‘Update Stock’ option but still…if there’s difference rate between purchase receipt and purchase invoice…valuation rate is not updated…

Users have to go to another ‘manual work’… using landed cost voucher…which is not an ideal solution.

Update stock option in Purchase Invoice only ‘receive stock’ if we don’ use purchase receipt…but not adjusting stock valuation if both receipt and invoice is being used…

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@nabinhait would you take some time to verify this? I’m on V7 and Purchase Invoice doesn’t seem to update valuation rate if the rate is changed due to final disc, new contract etc…

I think this is critical costing issue…thanks

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+1 for me, I need this function too.

This guy has the answer:

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Dec '17
You should try turning off the “Maintain same rate throughout purchase cycle” flag in Buying Settings

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