Disable mandatory field for standard field

How to disable a mandatory field of my customer that do not have a customer group

customize customer form and select customer_group field and uncheck mandotory field.

i cant do it because its a standard field

go in doctype and uncheck customer_group field

i tried everything customize form and doctype list at the doctype list i can’t change anything any help ?

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Have you turned on your developer mood before editing standard doctypes?

bench set-config developer_mode 1
Run this command to enable developer mood,
then try to edit doctype.

Same problem i am facing when i remove the mandatory from standard filed it can showing the error like this Not allowed to disable Mandatory for standard fields can any one help me how to fix this .


try property setter instead

Can u please tell me in details ,where can i change…

based on the example, you can go to property setting, replace the doctype and field name accordingly


Anybody could do it? Please help.

Is it related to the customer group example? If so, try @szufisher’s suggestion. However, if you’re unsure of using property setter, just hide the filed and set a default value under Customer Group as it would be better.

Whether any have workable solution through customization. I want to use Autoname for most of the docs but can not hide Naming Series in all the docs.

Fundamentally there is no meaning of this feature addition to change from Naming Series to Autoname in default doc types without this flexibility.

Tried the latter solution, it worked. Thanks

We can remove standard field mandatory with client script

frm.set_df_property('contract_terms', 'reqd', 0);

It can able to remove mandatory field in timesheet? Because am unable to hide due to this mandatory field.