Disable some module from erpnext-app

Hi community.

i just want to know how to disable or delete some module in erpnext-app that i just downloaded from github.
Eg: I run business as services and i want to delete school module. And for the role also like student i want to disable or delete it.

I know when we start to use the erpnext app, Erpnext will prompt me to fill the form what type of business i run. I choose services. but when i want to set new user for module access, it gives me options to tick check on the school module.

If you have the true way to delete module, please show me.


@iqbalzahir, You can hide doctype by using 'Role Permissions Manager '.

Refer following link -

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deleting the module from ERPNext is not possible, But you can hide the schools modules from Domain Settings.

Go To Domain Settings and uncheck the Education Domain and reload, Also please disable all the roles related to schools like Instructor, Student etc.

Thanks for the reply @priya_s
i will try to follow the step

Thanks for reply @makarand_b

Ohh i see there is no possible to delete some module.

But i will try your step. Thanks again!