Display new module icon on Desk

To display a new module on desk you need two steps:

  1. Create get_data function in module_name.config.desktop.py that return where you want frappe to display you’re icon on the Desk.
    Say you want to add you’re module to the modules section you would add the following:
	return [
			"module_name": "Events",
                        "category": "Modules",
			"color": "blue",
			"icon": "octicon octicon-file-directory",
			"type": "module",
			"label": _("Events")

Notice category key, if you want to add your module to another section, Administration for example, you would change "category": "Administration" and that’s it.

Now If you reload Desk, nothing will change!
frappe needs another file for this to work, you need to create another get_data function in module_name.config.module_name.py that tells frappe what links or pages this icon will show, for example:

def get_data():
	Add evetns module to desk home screen.
	return [
			"label": _("Events"),
			"icon": "octicon octicon-briefcase",
			"items": [
					"type": "doctype",
					"name": "Custom Event",
					"label": _("Custom Event"),
					"description": _("Custom Events Module Description."),

This adds a link to DocType Custom Event in the Events module icon on Desk.
Hope this helps.


is it applicable for v13? i tried but no luck

Refer to this link