Does erpnext have an event/ticketing module? (like odoo or eventbrite)

I see that erpnext has the school modules (like courses, attendants, etc.), I
think this is easy extended to events too?
Are there any plans for this?


For ticketing, you can use Issues in the Support module. We also use Issues for tracking customer support at ERPNext.

You can create Calendar Events in your ERPNext. Can you please further elaborate your requirement?

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@umair I mean an event (ticketing) management system like eventbrite (erpnext uses this for its conferences):

It is implemented in odoo as an app:


Can the current school functionality, be (mis)used to have a kind of event registration like above?


@hereabdulla, that register button just links to the eventbrite website :frowning:

sorry @pee last erpnext conference held @ Mumbai they have their own ticketing system only

try GitHub - frappe/erpnext_conference

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Thanks @hereabdulla, that seems promising.
Why didn’t erpnext use that for this conference @rmehta?
Can it be used as an addon or app on erpnext?

I’m looking for something similar.