Does ERPNext work with AWS Aurora for MySQL?

I have used Openbravo ERP a lot, recently with AWS Aurora for PostgreSQL, which is great for large customers.

Interested to know if ERPNext can work with AWS Aurora for MySQL. AWS Aurora has a lot of traction in U.S. - IT-savvy mid to large customers increasingly rely on it for data availability and scalability, so being able to plug into what they are already using it helps with convincing customers to pilot an enterprise open source app like ERPNext.

Thanks in advance.

I don’t think so as ERPNext uses MariaDB which Aurora isn’t a complete replacement for. Thanks

It does work with Amazon RDS, which is functionally equivalent, but has different pricing scheme, which is part of the appeal of Aurora. If you’re really only using your ERP during business hours, why pay for cycles on the hours you’re not?

Actually I managed to install ERPNext in AWS Aurora. I had to change some things but it works well using end-to-end encryption

Would you mind to share what you did to make it work? :slight_smile:

ping @seethersan pls share what you did

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Sorry for the delay. I sent a pull request with the changes I made to use Aurora with ERPNext. Mysql/Aurora support for Frappe by seethersan · Pull Request #11812 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

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