Does fetch from Field needs any additional script

I am new to ERPNext. I have created a custom fields in some doc-type and i can able to fetch data from another document using Fetch from filed.

Now i am trying to create a new app when i use the fetch from field it is not fetching the data. I didn;t know the reason why. Could any one help me.

Does i missed any thing.

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No it does not need anything extra.

Is types a link field name ?
And does the document you are selecting in the types field have room_type set ?

no types is a doctype name and the doctype Types has field room_type…

Am i wrong in syntax?

Firstly, there is a link field in the doctype - for example -

And then you use this field to fetch something from the doctype -

In the example above, we have a link field in employee which is a link to the DocType Employee. And we use this field to fetch a field from Employee doctype.
Basically, whenever employee is selected in the field, then department for that employee from its master will be fetched and stored in the department field in the current doc.