Download wkhtmltopdf Error

Download wkhtmltopdf Error

I am having Ubuntu

url={{ wkhtmltopdf_version }}/wkhtmltox-{{ wkhtmltopdf_version }}_linux-{{ ansible_distribution_release }}-{{ “amd64” if ansible_architecture == “x86_64” else “i386”}}.deb

Refer this


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I think the wkhtmltopdf download link was not updated in the vm. Are you setting up ERPNext in VM?

I am Setting up bench
sudo python --production

After following Wkhtmltopdf error ERPNext V7 still have same issue


Please try deleting /tmp/.bench directory, rerun the script and see if this error persists.

The problem is still there. The link which download the package wkhtmltopdf IS NOT WORKING (June 5th 2017). I’m new with ERPNext and only the installation is becoming a real pain in @#$%. I’m a Centos guy, get used to (MariaDB, Apache, PHP) and the bad experience with the installation speaks bad of ERPNext :frowning:

Is there a clear and updated guide that I can follow, and that actually works?

This is happening only because GNA has stopped serving wkhtmltopdf. Please check if the bench in /tmp/.bench is up to date using git status. We have updated the scripts to reflect the new servers for wkhtmltopdf a while ago.

wkhtmltopdf is killing you guys… I’m done trying TO INSTALL this LOL. Back to Odoo… See ya!

Good luck with Odoo … You’ll need it …

You could always download wkhtmltopdf via another repo. Ie

Dpkg -I package name.deb if using ubuntu or debian

Odoo actually uses it too


I’m sorry installing ERPNext is not working out for you. There are problems in our product, and we do not deny that. We always appreciate constructive feedback. And if history is any evidence, we take suitable action based on it.

But just ranting about what’s wrong rather than seeking help and working with the community on solving the issue tells more about you then it does about the product.

Good luck with Odoo. If you ever feel like giving ERPNext one more try, you’re welcome. But please remember that this is a civil discussion forum, and we appreciate constructive feedback.

Sagar Vora

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After deleting /tmp/.bench folder, Wkhtmltopdf dpwnloading & installation works fine.


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But now facing another issue

Can you please paste the full error instead of screenshot?

fatal: [localhost]: FAILED! => {“changed”: true, “cmd”: [“bench”, “init”, “/home/ubuntu/frappe-bench”, “–frappe-branch”, “master”, “–db-host”], “delta”: “0:00:00.315712”, “end”: “2017-06-07 13:26:10.518295”, “failed”: true, “rc”: 2, “start”: “2017-06-07 13:26:10.202583”, “stderr”: “Error: no such option: --db-host”, “stdout”: “”, “stdout_lines”: [], “warnings”: []}