Ease of use Comparison chart

Hi, this post is for folks who have worked on Odoo as we haven’t done any installation or used it. Out of curiosity landed on their webpage today. Surprised to see below image.Tried searching for the source of this graph as they haven’t mentioned it below the image which I understand is the correct convention. Anyone knows whether there was any research or it is just a paint job? Microsoft is usually written as MS (capital S)!


The Odoo logo in the graph indicates that they choose to rate themselves.

Here is the rating by genuine third party like Gartner.


Thank you @umair. I am aware of the Gartner ratings system and the one you shared about ERPNext. I assumed as such that these folks have made up this graph and rating themselves just like many other companies who use tagline line No. 1 in XXX without any independent scientific study.

Hi @Muzzy

From my knowledge of Odoo past they often created a lot of false hype based on very little but their own marketing dept. Nowadays their product is fairly polished if lacking in the FLOSS philosophy …

Even their 3 million users is a lie. My best guess is 150k (I would say 10k for ERPNext - 10k users in 3k companies)