Edit doctype print?

Hi guys,

i edit print format , edit in reports folder inside the module but there is some doctype doesn’t have printformat or html print inside the report folder ? where could i edit the way this kind of doctype print

its more like global place to take any print from

Hii @ahmadRagheb
Unless custom_formats are specified in the Print Format, they are printed using the standard.html template, which is further based on the layout object generated by the make_layout() function.

A layout have multiple pages, a page contains multiple sections, a section contains multiple columns, and a column contains multiple fields which all are grouped so by the make_layout function- either based on a format_data output from the Print Layout Desginer, or based on the print_hide & has_value property of the field in the doc, priority being to the format_data.

Do mind that the above happens if and only if there is no custom_format specified (our own HTML).
You could see that the standard layout is loaded when no other template is found (frappe/printview.py at develop · frappe/frappe · GitHub)

This is a small summary on how prints work when there is no custom_format set in the current Print Format.

Hope it helps!

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@fahimalizain thank you very much for this great replay , i will work on that :smiley:

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@fahimalizain it really works for me , first i used this syntax


but it didn’t work , then i used this one worked and it works fine don’t know why, but it works , if you could told me why that happens ?

{{_(“Printed By”)}}:
{% set u = frappe.get_doc(“User”, frappe.user) %}

{%= __("Printed By") %}:
{%= frappe.boot.user.first_name %} {% if (frappe.boot.user.last_name) { %} {%= frappe.boot.user.last_name %} {% } %}

hii @ahmadRagheb
_ is in python
__ is in JavaScript
for translation function :slight_smile:
check this: Syntax of code Frappe Framework - #4 by fahimalizain

So when the template is server side, use the python version
You might be confused because report templates uses JavaScript while print format templates uses python :smiley:

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i thought it was python i didn’t recognized it hahahha , thank you , you are great @fahimalizain