EMAIL DIGEST SETTINGS, cannot change/edit Email Recipients

Email Digest - Default Weekly Digest

I have only one email Recipient as my choice …unfortunately there is a typo in the address.
Add/Remove Recipients only permits disabling this one recipient but that action is not permitted as there is no other Recipient.

Where to edit the Recipient email address?
How to add new possible Recipient?

My Email Accounts List does not list the email noted above.
And it’s not one of the User’s email addresses.

correction: the typo’d email was a user’s email address but was later edited.

You [changed value of Email from abc to xyz ]

But it’s not been updated/corrected in the Email Digest Recipients.
How to edit the Recipient list email addresses?

Thank for helping

Hey, i am not tech person but still i will advice you to set up your gmail account once again from starting. I face sometimes this problem when i do blog post on my website and someone ask about that by email

I created a fake company; added an email address; thenswitched the report/digest over to the new email address.

My end goal is to delete my company and start over (to clear this email error and another issue). Oddly, even though I have released the report/digest from that first company’s email address, when I try to delete the first company ERPNext says it cannot be deleted because
Cannot delete or cancel because

Company is linked with Email Digest [Scheduler Errors]

I don’t see a simple workaround.

Thanks; I’ll try this.