Email Domain issue with Amazon Workmail

While trying to create email domain with Amazon Workmail…request getting timed out. Its not allowing to save the domain record.

Can you please help me in case any additional configuration is required.


Did you try from a normal mail client if you have same issue?
Do you have something written in the error logs?
If yes, can you post it?

With Gmail its working fine. When I am trying to use amazon workmail details, its giving timed out option.

In log…

I have followed the ‘Setting up IMAP for Amazon WorkMail - Amazon WorkMail’ link to get the aws smtp server details.

Please help me…


if you configure the email in outlook, do you have the same problem?

I have not tried with outlook. Our client is using amazon workmail as their business email so wanted to integrate that with ERPNext for outgoing and incoming. Any idea how can I configure amazon SES for outgoing in ERPNext. Just thinking if Workmail does not work, then whether I can use Amazon SES for outgoing.

About set up Amazon SES, you can check what I did and it’s working fine.