Email inBox experience

There’s has been some improvements to CRM contributed by Frappe and Charles Decouit and others These are in V11 on the staging branch, not in V10. The actual inbox hasn’t changed too much but the added items are good.

Ones I can recall include:-

Ability to save a draft email recently added to V11
Improvements in searching for contacts and names shown in composing an email
Ability to add links to meetings / schedule calls etc etc in a calendar
Saving contacts returns you automatically to Opportunity or Customer now
Timeline improvements
Ability to see when an email is opened ie tracking

These are ones I remember there will be a few others. All useful additions.

Please test to report bugs although both beta and don’t allow email usage, not surprisingly.

So some useful new features but not an overhaul more continuous improvements.


That sounds great! I’ve checked out but I couldn’t find a way to save a draft when trying to send an email.
I just opened a Purchase Order and clicked “New Email” I would expect that there would be some “Safe Draft” option in the email dialogue that opened. Could you point me in the right direction of where to find this new future?


I think just the initial underpinning is in there as yet as this was only added last week.

But I’m sure that the full implementation will be there soon.


Hi @Julian_Robbins

Im also in a situation with email. When i receive a email and a issue is created how can you save that specific email into a field in Issue? Im new to ERPNext so i don’t know how the linking works yet. Please any help?

All linked documents like email or comments are available at the end of your document ordered by date.
Open your issue and go at the end of it, you should see your email.


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For email it’s best to set it up and play with it to see how it works. You can’t use the demo or beta ERPNext sites to test the email handling so you need to try it yourself to get a good under if it.

The inbox is simply the mechanism to let you know that an issue has been created. You can use various email alerts in addition but it’s always best to try it as is and build on a vanilla install to suit your particular requirements

@jodeq, @Julian_Robbins

I understand yes. Practice makes perfect.
However my email is set up and everything its just i don’t know how to get the email body.

Like at the moment it’s saved at the bottom in the timeline. What im trying to accomplish is adding that email to a field so that when i do email alerts i can add the body of that email there in. But this seems to be a difficult task for me. I don’t know where to touch or call so that email body can be stored in a field.