Email is a problem

Sorry to be crass with the bold but i have been spending 2 months trying to get a very basic function… emai…l to work, despite numerous helpful post i have received little or no input from the developers as is evident if you check my post…

In on last ditch effort to call to attention the deficiencies of this app i will list out what i have found:

i can make sending work if i don’t check incoming and use a connector witch tells me how the mail client is formatting outbound is a problem this is evident when i use Office365 or postfix.

I am not able to use the same email account twice which would be a workaround for the authentication issue experienced if i use imp and smtp at the same time on the same account

Lets rethink this for this to be more suitable to business why are we held to one outbound account, logic would have it that if we add an account we would assign a role and inbound and outbound would be assigned to that role i.e. support would send out as support and info would send out as info again why the one outbound account that’s just not standard practice in this day in age…

i just don’t want all my communication going out as i want the flexibility to have communications go out as once address and support as another. if i choose a help desk feature i have to have all replies go out under one email address just doesn’t work well…

i figured out that you can find the undocumented email queue by putting it in search as queue and it just confirms that the mail client needs documentation and more work.

when in queue are the credentials somehow cached or does it apply changes to email accounts setup immediately

and why hasn’t someone from ERPNext reached out to help seems they are turning into all the complaints that i have viewed on odoo???

would you like to comment ERPNext?

Looks like a limitation at the moment. Yes we do lack in documentation. But one can always help us update it :wink:

The entire code is open-source, you can always fix issues and send us a PR :slight_smile:

i can help in many ways but rewriting your mail app is not one of them though i think its one of the most important parts of an erp app. i am certainly willing to work with you to correct this deficiency as i believe it will make the app much stronger…

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@imllc Thanks for the feedback! Can you list specific areas of improvement?