Email Setup on ERP Next v9.2.7 (master) Request Timed out Error gmail smtp

Tring to add a new Domain but there is always a “Request Timed out Error”. Am trying to intergrate ERPNext with Gmail smtp Server.

Any Assistance from anyone who has intergrated with gmail?

The issue can be due to Gmails security policies.

Please check your gmail account and allow Less Secure Apps in your google account dashboard.

This already turned on.

Hi @ben, are you creating a Domain so that you can use it for an Email Account?

If yes, ERPNext already has a service for Google Mail so there’s no need to set a Domain for Gmail. When setting up an Email Account, it’s under the Service drop down (its under the options as GMail).

If no, can you give us your use case and how you configured the domain? A screenshot would do.

This is what i was trying:

  1. Create a new user: and i got this error:

  2. I was prompted to create a new domain. On creation, it just times out.

Also please clarify on the Google mail service already setup

What i intended with email is to enable ERPNEXT to send out emails using my gmail account that i need configured.So that everywhere in the system where an email needs to be sent or received , that will be happening.

As @littlehera mentioned, you don’t need to create a domain for Gmail, just select Gmail from the Service dropdown as posted in the screenshot below and ignore the create domain message. Leave the Domain field blank.

Here is the timeout when trying to add an email account as you have directed.

NB: i have enable allow access for less secure apps in Gmail settings.

Anyone with any solution whatsoever?

Same issue with a SMTP Server from a small hosting company (which works quite well in other systems). I think this is a bug!

Did you update before adding the account? For me the problem seems to be fixed after a bench migrate. I also deleted the E-Mail Domain and added it again (with SMTP port 25).

I did not update.i will give it a try i see.

.This worked for me. I was able to create the email successfully after i did the bench migrate. Thanks. This can be closed.

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