Emails to be sent with visible id's in to or cc

The emails that get sent out I. E. Quotes, replies, comments, etc are presently sent as one per mail I’d. This leads to confusion. Suppose we send a quote and it has to go to three people, it get sent as individual emails versus as a cc.
How can I change this setting.


In the Email Footer, all the email ids are mentioned to which email is marked. Check below screenshot for the example.

hi guys any timelines for this to be in the TO???
generally people do reply to all and then the mails are not recieved by all.

to get all the “TO” and “CC” recipients in there fields could we use something like nylas an open source mailing app to send emails to all reciepents at once instead of spliting them into single sending and nylas can also be used as a sync engine.

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Yes, it is true that all ‘to’ and ‘cc’ recipients info is printed on each email sent. However, I think not all people / recipients know will this, also many of these recipients are just common people who do not familiar with concepts in ERPNext.
In common sense, each recipient must be put in to each ‘to’ or ‘cc’.
That’s what I think.

I am not familiar with Nylas features nor services, I think it is great app.
I may be wrong, however IMHO, why look for a third party approach, while we may be able to fix the internal process that wrap all email data (header, to, cc, subject, content, etc) before pass it to SMTP server?

Is there any development over this feature or any update over this?
How can I have emails to be sent with Visible ID in TO & CC like regular standards (Not at the Footer) but in Proper TO & CC Field.

Any help with this issue?