[Enhancement] POS Redesign!

Hello Community,

Thank you all for sharing the feedback on the POS, based on that feedback we have redesigned the POS. Some new features and screens we have introduced which are as below

Order List View

Search Category Wise Items

View More Items Using Pagination

Provision to Add Discount at Item Level

Make customer with address details

For more details please click here

Currently the features are available on the develop branch, request all to share your thoughts
Check POS changes in beta version https://beta.erpnext.com/


@rohit_w nice job! :slight_smile: Is still possible to search item by barcode?

Edit: tested and it works :slight_smile: :smile: :grin:

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hi Rohit,
first thanks for your efforts and what about making the item grid scrollable in POS?
I opened an issue on github and Rushabh advise to make the item grid scrollable in POS.

Best regards,


Great Job :slight_smile:

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If you could show the Item Groups just like how Items are shown (a box) in hierarchial model, maybe based on a check in Menu., will be helpful for many POS System users (monitor touch)… mainly restaurants :slight_smile:

Pls do consider that :slight_smile:

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Awesome job. thanks for doing this. :slight_smile:

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Tested this and found something. The discount is not showing up on the print. Please see screenshot.

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@Javid_Hussain may be would be nice to hide tax if value == 0 in the receipt or invoice

In stores with multiple items I only see these two approaches working efficiently-

  1. Barcode scanning
  2. hierarchical selection

An idea would be to add a child table in POS Profile for Item Groups. User can enter the Item Groups (and items) a POS Profile can see.

Then, only load those item groups in POS.

Fantastic the way it looks. I have not even begun using POS, but these features were basic in a previous version I was using.
I really like the category separation, because it allows flexibility for the POS user, to keep only a certain amount of specified items on screen.
Great Work! :smile:

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very good work.
what about managing floors and tables feature.
thank you

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Can’t figure out how to change companies. Apparently, the form view is gone which was previously used to switch between companies? Only way that I could seem to switch companies was in the global settings? Are multiple profiles meant for multiple companies? Is the new design meant to handle multiple companies better? I didn’t see this mentioned.

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Thanks and Good Job! :slight_smile:

Rohit, The interface looks great. Is there a way to “pick” the fields entered per customer, in our case we have added a field for Taxpayer Identification Number for each customer, thus, when we invoice, it is also part of the information added per customer. Given the flexibility in ERPNext, it should allow you to configure which fields of details are shown in the POS.

how i can apply the new changes into my current installation

Any update on this? As be plan to Enhance the POS for Indetail Retail Requirements.

This was released over 2 years ago! :smiley:

Yes. I am aware of it, just wanted to check if this is still active.

I have created a new thread here

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