[Enhancement Proposal] Add Functions to Item Cart Area in Existing Offline POS

Its been working great so far. Only problem we have with the POS is the sales invoices refusing to sync at times

Do you have multiple POS in the same Profile? cos thats one case when this happens and sometime it happens due to users switching the tab of POS back and forth to user it for browsing, We ask users to keep POS tab always on this keeps the timer stable to sync it correctly.

@fkardame every POS has its own profiles and as far as i know they keep the browser open. Its in chromes kiosk mode

We have not faced this issue so far. Might have test your use case. We use Firefox coz it helps with Silent print.

I will chat with my business partner. We have these setup couple of clients locations. It might be work trying on firefox.


Will be setting a deadline for this thread so we can finalise the SOW, share the Proposal and start the work.

Set away!

As stated we are ready to.support this project

Hi all,
POS for small shops with all customizations on the chat will be OK… But would be great to have a second screen or layer like for small shops using the current screen for big shops we could remove the items list and increase the lists of items bought… Most of the software for big shops you only see the list of items to buy / bought and the field to search / barcode reader.

I agree to this, thats why we plan to redesign the UI of the POS.

Will be updating the SOW soon.

Just one question: that can be built in future POS…

Are batch selection required on POS? Can’t the system select automatic (based on expiry and qty)… This because as many have seen when shopping they just barcode scan and type the qty.

Also when selecting batch instead of a dialog box why not a select list with the options as the default none (system selects when sync). Think this would be easier for users (mouse or touch screen)

We have implemented this already in our custom app for POS. When you scan the Batch number instead of the Item code the system will pick the correct batch automatically and when you scan the item code the system will show you the Batch List with its Batch No., Expiry date and Quantity where user just have to select the expiry date of the item and submit

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This means you have to generate Barcode for Batches!!! Extra work.
For example one of my Customers is a Pharmacy and when scanning the drugs they scan the existing Barcode … in which the system pops-up with the Batch selection…

We asked users to select but as most they just skip and instead of Forcing the selection we auto select when syncing the Invoice (could be a problem later when stock counting but they might learn when doing stock reconciliation)

No extra work. barcode is printed directing during Purchase.

We have around 6+ Pharmacies as Client.

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I don’t think this is a good idea! It’s caused serious issues in at least 1 implementation I’m aware of (incidentally also a pharmacy). The invoices had problems syncing because Batch could not be found. Selection of Batch should be mandatory for Batch Items

@fkardame I would like to suggest strongly that the Frappe team is involved at every stage of this development. We need something that will be accepted in the core of the product. I’ve seen too many efforts either go completely to waste or end up as custom apps which become unmanageable after a few months

Many thanks

Yes I know reason why we fixed this before showing the dialog box… Set the oldest batch as default in case user skips the submit or the batch selection… So sync will always work

I think we all want is an App from frappe it self with the capabilites of logging in without Internet, data security and not another third party to avoid installing.

Sorry to jump in late. What we at Frappe are planning is not to make another offline POS but to enable sync between 2 ERPNext instances. This way you can run a full offline ERPNext locally (on a vanilla Ubuntu machine) and then it can sync when its online.

This way, we don’t maintain multiple code bases, just one “online” POS. We have a plan to make this work before October where we are delivering this solution to a retain chain. Maybe that should solve most problems and not have the headache of maintaining multiple 3rd party apps.

Any enhancements in the existing “online” POS are always welcome.


@rmehta Sounds like a fantastic idea to me! Just to be clear… will this handle as many offline ERPNext instances as required? For example, could an organization with 10 locations and 6 terminals per location have 60 offline instances syncing to one central online instance?