Erpnext agriculture

Does anyone has done this before?

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I’m doing it right now. What are you looking for?

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Can you give or share idea on how can i achieve creating the land assets part? Thanks a lot

Can we chat on skype? Got more questions here regarding on erp agriculture.

@sheerland @tmatteson don’t go on skype!

Also tagging @codingCoffee and @vishal from the Frappe team who are working on this.

Will be great if you can form a group on this. Maybe a good time to define a “public beta” for agriculture!

Agri ERPNext will soon be part of the core, so its best to collaborate rather than regret later.


Hi @sheerland and @tmatteson, @codingCoffee and I would love to collaborate with you’ll on the agri module. We are active on telegram just PM us your numbers we’ll add you to an already existing focus group. @tmatteson would really appreciate it if you could share your repo link or even contribute to the branch by sending in PRs. :slight_smile:

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@codingCoffee @rmehta @vishal
The demand for this has exceed my expectations. I’ve been working on this app for a year and I feel like I have enough ERPNext experience to credibly publish it in an incomplete state and have the community get me over the hump. I’ll push to github in the next week for people to start looking at. Otherwise PM for access to a private gitlab repo.

What I’m totally uncomfortable with is 1) the design that has been posted and linked above, which I have serious reservations about and 2) giving up my design vision which is based in experience in agriculture, not in software. In the end, I suspect that I’ll building customs apps anyway.

As an aside, you’re familiar with the pejorative mansplaining? On my first trip to a a python meetup I had somebody explain to me how easy it was to write software for farming because it’s so simple. I bit my tongue but I was angry. I’m worried about the same thing here.


Should service providers leverage support requests on the forums or not? This question is one I am uniquely qualified to help with, so I did.
You can’t ask everyone to give away their time and expertise.


@vishal @codingCoffee

This is a core issue that requires changes outside of any farm app. Let me give some context:
Land does not often change hands. It is often owned by a different party than the operator (and particularly the operator of ERPNext), most often a relative, but also rental relationships. The trouble with land in ERPNext is that it is a fixed asset that cannot be depreciated, per every accounting course I’ve ever taken. You can, however, add to its basis with things like drainage tile. I honestly think that handling land ownership is very low on the list of priorities for an ERPNext implementation. My solution has been to ignore it and work with the something closer to the mental map I have as a farmer - I think of things in ‘fields’ which is a problem RE nomenclature. In ERPNext (and well, HTML and programming generally) field means something different, so I’ve opted for the unambiguous “acreage”, which seems a little archaic to me in conversation but is fine in a mental map.

@sheerland installed a beta version and seems to think what I’ve got will also work for him in the context of his rice and sugarcane farms in the Philippines.

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Do you have a spec for your implementation written anywhere?

@felix No. I haven’t been treating it as a specification, I’ve been working on it as a solution to the problems I see in the wild. This started as an experiment to see if it could work. And as a sales tool to help me win deeper consulting engagements.

Hi there, I would like to collaborate in this project! Let me know any update please.

I have something to ask, is the idea to create a custom Frappe App or integrate it with ERPNext core?

For me, I’ve found that separate Custom Apps are easier to manage when it comes to perform upgrades. So personally I didn’t like the merge done in the Schools module with the ERPNext core. It’s just an opinion. You Frappe and ERPNext teams are doing an excellent work. But I think is better to separate this Apps from the main module, and to think in them as connector to the ERPNext core.

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Hey @sheerland, I’ve added a public repo of this with the refactoring changes.
@felix - There’s a readme now, which is still not a specification but it’s better than my non-answer from before
@rmehta @codingCoffee @vishal I still require tests before it can be considered for a PR. I expect to have a video quickstart done in the next day or so.
Community - please help me write tests, that’s the code contribution required.

@revant_one @gvrvnk @brian_pond Thank you for your support

@dalwadani Let’s talk more about maps
@joshreeder Let’s make it pretty


I’m installing it now and will test it later.

I have raised an issue relating to depreciation and handling land and other non-depreciable assets. @nabinhait has been the lead on the depreciation section so I’m tagging him here.

@rtimagine have a look at my repo and see if there’s anything there that strikes your fancy

I think rushabh meant don’t use Skype (Proprietary, M$ Owned) , but instead use something encrypted and Open Source such as Telegram