ERPNext-Event in Wiesbaden, Germany with Rushabh Mehta and Faris Ansari from Frappe

Hi all,

I am proud to announce, that we will host a free event for the community with @rmehta and @netchampfaris in Wiesbaden on November 21st, 2018. You can find everything about it on this German page:

As said this is a German page as one of the goals is to attract more and new users for ERPNext there. If you cannot speak German and still want to come that’s perfectly fine.

If you are in Germany or know people from there, we would highly appreciate if you would spread the message. There is no commercial element in the event. We are striving to be good community members and users of the software. Please help us make this a worth while event for Rushabh and Faris.

Register now!

Got questions? Ask away here or contact me directly.


@rmehta Thank you for the promotion video.

@dominik I have been impressed to see, that your event in 2017 had so many attendees in Frankfurt.

Wow. Would you be able to help us to reach out to those people and tell them, that @rmehta is back in Germany on November 21st in Wiesbaden?

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We are still searching for an additional speaker, preferably an existing ERPNext user who will talk about the usage in their company. You can talk in English or German. Your talk will get additional reach

If you are interested in giving a talk, please reach out to me. We can offer a night in our company flat, if that helps.

If you want to help, please reshare on facebook and twitter and LinkedIn. I will add our twitter and LinkedIn links once available. But you know the game. A good destination is this: ERPNext-Anwendertreffen in Wiesbaden am 21. November 2018

Or there is a meetup link as well:

Added a blog post: ERPNext: Community- und Anwendertreffen am 21. November 2018 in Wiesbaden

shared: Gunnar Wagner on LinkedIn: ERPNext Community & Anwendertreffen am 21.11.2018 Wiesbaden

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“You should also register if you can not be there, but would like to follow the lectures live in the video stream. Then we will send you the link to the transmission shortly before the start by e-mail.”

Excellent thanks!

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You’re welcome. But only @rmehta’s talk will be in English. I am trying to generate some German video content with the other talks. We need more users in Germany. :smiley:


I am still hoping for @dominik to support this event with his participation, a talk and some of his German ERPNext network contacts. That would be awesome.

@dominik is in! He will present his company’s use case in German. #rockstar

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Thank you @Martin_Seibert for organizing this event. I will be there and I am excited to meet your team and others who are interested in ERPNext in person.

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@mostafa you should go man !


@dominik I have added a photo and “your talk”. Do you have more info about what you’ll say? I would love to add it to the event page.

Hi, I’m in that picture, but I came back Sunday from the Mumbai ERPNext Conference and I will not be able to be with you in November. I will gladly follow your meeting on youtube.

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Love it. Thanks for the feedback. Do you know others and could point them towards this event? That would be helpful.

I’m sorry but from Italy, my colleague and me were the only developers. I don’t know other developers but I will share this post on my linkedin profile.

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I have created my slides for my talk. Looking forward to the talks of @rmehta, @dominik, @vrms and @chdecultot. :wink: