ERPNext healthcare merged to develop

Nice work.
Translations not yet fully for Portuguese but i can see that most are already on the translation site …

I am testing and can see that when creating a new Patient and if not already a Client/Customer the system instead of mapping the fields to Customer it just creates by adding the Record. Why not mapping the fields or matching the data to Customer as when Invoicing the name of the Patient should be shown and not the Record name …

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@Deepak_Pai do you mean that it will stay a free just to be like demo and not to be used?
So that is the reason for why the features removed?

Or you mean that it is just in the beginning and other features are in the way?


Free as in you have a choice to use or not to use.
Not free as in “Free beer” or “Free food” :smile:

WaW … it is a freedom.
If I need to contribute in the healthcare development, from where to start?
For example:
I need to add the Out Patient and In Patient and the pharmacy, so is there a team or link to start in this work?

thanks for your interest, join us on gitter channel -