ERPNext integrations Amazon MWS

im trying to integrate my application with saudi Amazon MWS but in the list of available regions saudi arabia is not there…
so is it possible for me to integrate my system with saudi Amazon MWS

Hello @ali.alshaqaq
I am going to try to help, but I don’t think that I have a complete answer for you (sorry).

First, It looks like you will need Developer Credentials for “Europe” (Amazon MWS endpoints and MarketplaceId values)

So make sure that you jumped through all of the Amazon hoops on that.

  1. Set up a Seller Account
  2. Set up Developer Account
  3. Use the Endpoints and Marketplace IDs identified above
  4. Get the Auth Token and Seller ID

That’s the so-called “good news”.

Amazon is deprecating MWS soon and moving to SP-API. In July of next year they will be deprecating MWS (Update - Important Notice - Moving migration requirement date from September 30, 2021 to July 31, 2022 · Discussion #1038 · amzn/selling-partner-api-docs · GitHub), so the work you do now will need to be modified/upgraded in just a few months.

And depending on what you want to do with SellerCentral, (and whether you are building for yourself or for a client) you may run into trouble with SP-API on stuff like PII for FBM.

tl;dr Integrating SellerCentral into ERPNext is not easy, but more than half of the trouble is due to Amazon not ERPNext.

As rightly suggested by @MichaelPinkowski Amazon MWS is going to be outdated soon.
Try registering a developer account for the fresh new Seller API which has a lot more functionality as compared to MWS. Also it has better support with RESTful APIs so that should help you to integrate better with ERPN.

Also, can you elaborate a bit more on what kind of functionality are you trying to achieve with this integration? This will help us work in the right direction.

I’ve managed to get auth working using their new LWA (Loign with Amazon) workflow. Read the details here :point_down:

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I’m looking for this same functionality of an update from the Amazon MWS API to the new Amazon SP-API. At a basic level, I’m hoping to pull in new orders and sync inventory levels from Amazon to ERPN. Would love to hear if anyone has made progress on this. I have all the credentials needed on the Amazon side.

@shashank_shirke - thanks for the post/work on getting the new LWA auth to work. Working on integrating / pulling our Amazon seller central data into ERPNext. Followed instructions to a T - as provided here:

Will appreciate your thoughts on how to troubleshoot further…