Erpnext is Hanging upto 30 minutes. We are using AWS-4 Cores & memory 16GB


I would like to thank the whole erpnext team and the community who make erpnext possible. We are using version 6.27 on aws, it has been working fine but after we started using salary slip and salary structure doctypes the system hangs.

As in the erpnext sytem will not display sales invoice on clicking sales invoice link or when you login it will take like 10 mins to enter the system after click login. Sometimes it will hang for 30 minutes.

It hangs alot in the morning and in the evening when we have upto 20 users logged in. We have increased the instance to 4 cores and 16gb ram but the problems seem to get worse. Our internet connection looks fine

We would like to know whats causing this problem and how can we resolve it?
Is our database too large and its failing to handle simultaneous connections? or its something else?

thanks for help in advance

Thanks! Welcome to the community! Hope to see you contributing in the community too :slight_smile:


  1. RAM usage (htop)
  2. innodb_buffer_pool_size (should be 60-70% of RAM)
  3. Redis cache memory allocation (10% of RAM)
  4. Slow query log

thanks for the reply

RAM usage 3%
Redis is 0.1%

but how do i check innodb_buffer_pool_size?
and how do I access the Slow query log?

thanks in advance

@Kagabuisa a simple web search will answer your questions

Please don’t thank in advance!