ERPNext Letter Head issue

Hi Team.

Can you please anyone help me with my issue.

we are facing two issue’s :slight_smile:

1: Unable to change the letterhead font size and color.
2: how to change the PID ( patient id) place give the patient name.
please help me on this issue.

Please share the screen where you trying to change. Once you make the letterhead template, under the header section, you can make the changes using a text editor.

Change place… do you mean changing the location while printing? If yes, you need to make changes while print & customize and then move the position as required,

You can set the naming of Patient document in Healthcare Settings, see this documentation.


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1 more issue: unable to deleting the patient id: 2

if i click pid-00003 there is no information showing.

attached screenshot for letter head font not cahnging

Thank you akurungadam

When submitting the Consultation, information relevant to patient medical record is saved as Patient Medical Record doctype. You can use the awesome bar to search for the document list and delete the records corresponding to the Patient you are trying to delete.

BTW, you may want to select the text to change the size. Also, try toggling to code view to view and edit the HTML. Here is the documentation

Hope this helps, thanks!

Please help me with this error.

After submitting the consultation getting this error

To submit a Consultation, you need to enter Diagnosis as well as Complaints!

Can you please if you have documents for patient creation and consultation, patient appointmnet, billing please share to us my mail…

iam new for erpnext. iam not able to finding the diagnosis and complaints. where i have to enter the message.

Here you go -

Healthcare docs -

The fields Diagnosis and Complaints should have relevant data, please check the documentation

Thank you so much…

Small help. i am testing this ERPnext. i want to know how to delete the patients in list…i have tried all the way not able to find the delete option.

You should consider disabling the Patient. Once disabled, the Patient record will be filtered out from all link fields.

Also note that Patient is linked to Customer. As mentioned earlier, if a Consultation is submitted for the Patient, there could be multiple Patient Medical Record links too. To see all links to the Patient, open the record and click Menu > Links. Cancelling and deleting all the links to the Patient should get you going.

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after given print showing in between the name like Draft.


how to remove the unwanted text names

Thank you akurungadam